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10 Steps to Find Love in Miami By Elite Connections

According to the latest US Census, roughly 51 percent of the population in Miami is female compared to 49 percent of males. Out of which, almost 37 percent of people are in a marital relationship, and the rest are up for grabs. When you add up the numbers, the odds of finding love in Miami seem pretty accurate. But we all know that’s hardly the case.

You may ask, “Is there even a solution to the challenges of dating in Miami?” Well, yes! With a bit of planning and due diligence on your end, you can actually find love here.

Our Elite matchmaking experts, Sherri Murphy, and Tammi Pickle, believe that you can have your chance at love with the proper guidance and tools. Plus, having a vast pool of people doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have an easy yet quality dating experience in Miami.

Finding love in Miami may not be a walk in the park, but if you follow the steps below, you may be able to pull a few potential prospects for a serious relationship in Miami.

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1. Focus on Yourself First

The biggest problem about dating in Miami is that good and decent people keep pushing the idea that you must look and be a certain way to attract love. And in this race to become a part of “Miami’s hip culture,” you can lose sight of yourself. Remember that you can only attract a healthy relationship outside if you’re in a healthy state within. So invest in yourself, and the rest will follow.

2. Be Open to New Possibilities.

There is no one set way of finding love in Miami. Some tend to think that you have to fly out of Miami to date someone worthy; we beg to differ. A vast pool of people is waiting for you to explore your options. Although it may sound cliché, there is someone for everyone. So don’t block your options, and keep sn open-mind with every person you meet.

3. Set Clear Expectations

The most exquisite thing in a person is their communication skills. Even to-die-for looks go blurry if someone lacks setting clear expectations. Nobody wants to be in a confusing situation. Therefore, try talking about what you want gently and respectfully. That way, you’ll know that you are moving in the right direction with the right person.

4. Dress for the Part

We are all about self-care and dressing the way you want. But it is essential that you dress in a way that translates your intentions. If you are wearing shorts and flip-flops or dressing provocatively to attract potential mates, you are going way off track. The way you dress is your first impression and sets the grounds for future interactions. So, dress in a way to impress others.

5. See Beyond the Stereotypes.

Yes, indeed, Miami is probably not the first or even tenth place people think of to find true love. But that doesn’t mean you generalize the stereotypes and judge everyone based on the overall opinion about the place. For example, while there are creeps and scammers like everywhere else in the world, there are also people like you looking for someone decent for a serious relationship.

6. Throw out the Perfect Person Checklist

Having an idea about whom you would like to date is excellent, but penning down a perfect checklist in your mind and following it is obsessive. It is also one of the biggest reasons people fail to find love here. Checklists are closed-minded, and they create restrictions. Instead of steering away from anyone who may seem remotely off the checklist, bring in some flexibility and base your preference on conscious feelings. Keep an open mind and give people a chance to get to know them.

7. Take The Initiative

Sitting at one spot or going about your business and hoping someone will come to you is outdated. Regardless of your gender, taking the initiative and showing interest in someone you find intriguing comes across as extremely empowering. It sets a confident precedent and even improves your chances of landing a great date.

8. Don’t Expect to Meet Quality Partners at Bars or Clubs.

Bars and clubs are not Miami’s most viable social outlets for finding love. In reality, only a minority of people at clubs and bars are serious about relationships. You are more likely to find someone interesting by doing things that you like. For example, if you enjoy golf or tennis, go and do that. There is a higher chance of attracting someone you didn’t even expect to notice you. Most likely, you can have a better outcome doing the things that bring you happiness than sitting at a bar waiting for someone to talk to you.

9. Treat others how you hope to be Treated.

There are already a ton of shallow people in Miami; you shouldn’t be adding yourself to that list. In fact, Miami came in first on the list of “15 Rudest Cities in America”. Besides, being kind and respectful doesn’t cost a dime. So, avoid selfish behavior, ghosting, and leaving texts. Instead, communicate your feelings and behave like a mature person. Our Miami matchmakers at Elite Connections review every client they work with. They tell their clients that if they are not interested in someone, to let them know.  If you are interested, pay attention to them and make them a priority.  Don’t play games.

10. Take a Shortcut, Meet Claudia Duran, Miami Matchmaker at Elite Connections.

Sometimes, you do everything by the book and still end up alone. But, Elite Connections has your back. With more than twenty-eight years of experience in the premium dating field, Elite Connections provides a safe and trusted platform for individuals looking for love.

Sherri Murphy and Tammi Pickle are the mother-daughter duos that own and run the world-class, elite matchmaking agency. They have dating coaches, personal style consultants, and professional photographers to help set you up for success at finding love. Even the Elite Connection Reviews vouch for their promise. So what are you waiting for?

The Elite Matchmakers at Elite Connections review each client, so they are matching quality singles. You can easily see why together singles have been joining them for over 28 years. This Elite Matchmaking agency has amazing clients that are serious about finding the right person. Contact Miami matchmaker Claudia Duran at Elite Connections International at 800-923-4200