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6 Best Ways To Find Love – Elite Matchmaker Spills The Secrets

Statistics show that 45% of people in the United States are single. Obviously, you are not alone. There are many people looking for love in this day and age. So, an elite matchmaker has decided to share the 7 best things that you can do to find love. You might want to take some notes now.

1: Go to Happy Hour at Elegant Hotels and Bars

Go to bars and hotels that are in the best district of your city. You don’t even have to drink alcohol. You can simply have some soft drinks or coffee. The reason this strategy works is that when men and women are in a bar for Happy Hour, everyone is in social mode. Therefore, it’s easier to convert individuals that you meet into romantic partners in this environment.

However, if you go to the same bar on a regular basis, you may lose a bit of the “special” quality that attracts people to you, as you are not someone new anymore. Thus, you would be well-advised to look different from the “usual” crowd. Also, if you go to the same bar repeatedly, people might think of you as a heavy drinker, even though you are not. As a result, the elite matchmaker suggests you choose several upscale bars and rotate the days that you go to each bar. In this way, you keep a fresh quality there.

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2: Go to Restaurants and Hotels for Afternoon Tea

Do some research online and find out which upmarket restaurants and hotels serve afternoon tea. Usually, afternoon tea is served in a parlor-type setting with full tea service of teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl. The tea is a loose tea rather than a teabag. Loose tea is steeped in hot water in the teapot for approximately 4 minutes in order to reach its best flavor. Afternoon tea should include sandwiches and/or biscuits as well.

When you find a restaurant or hotel like that in the best district of your city, you should go there some weekday afternoon instead of Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Here is why: Elite Connections reviews suggest that working-class people go to restaurants and hotels for afternoon tea on weekends, whereas elite singles control their own hours, so they tend to choose the less crowded weekday afternoon when they don’t have to mingle with the masses. Because of this habit, elite singles can have more privacy, be around those who are more like themselves and get unrushed & better attention from waiters/waitresses.

That’s why you should go there for afternoon tea on a weekday afternoon (ideally, you should do this at least once a week). I’m pretty sure you will enjoy the joy of this routine and being in a venue where you can meet other elite singles.

Also, don’t forget that you need to position yourself to be seen when you are sitting in a restaurant. Make sure you sit in clear view of others. Restaurants are great places to meet people because usually, a person stays there for at least half an hour or longer. Therefore, you have lots of time to work with. By the way, you must go to the restaurant alone, for you look more approachable when you are alone. In contrast, if you go to a restaurant with your friends, someone who wants to approach may feel intimidated by your friends (they don’t want to be rejected in front of a group of people).

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That being said, you want other people in the restaurant to notice your pleasant personality, so you may use the waiter/waitress as a prop: Simply ask the waiter/waitress questions about the menu and respond with soft laughter at least once. Even if the waiter/waitress only says, “Yes, it’s served with milk”, you should laugh because you want the positive energy of your face and interaction to make you look attractive.

3: Buy a Ticket Which Includes a Social Afterward to a Major Performing Arts Event

A lot of elite singles have good tastes; thus, they love going to performing arts events. If that’s your thing, you should totally buy a ticket which includes an after-party to an important performing arts event in your local area. Note that the real socializing amongst the elite usually happens privately; consequently, you possibly have to spend some money to buy an expensive ticket if you seriously want to meet elite singles. I remember several years ago an elite matchmaking agency organized their event as the after-party of a performing arts event in Los Angeles.

4: Hire an Elite Matchmaking Agency

If you prefer a streamlined approach, this is probably the best method of all because it saves you a large amount of time and energy. All you need to do is to go to an elite matchmaking agency and tell them exactly what you are looking for. Then they will introduce suitable candidates to you based on your specific requirements. It’s nice, easy, reliable, and efficient.

5: Follow impressive-looking people and see where they go, and go there yourself.

This strategy is quite obvious because nowadays most single people are on dating apps and dating sites. It is said that around 50 million Americans are on dating websites and dating apps these days. Nevertheless, Elite Connections reviews indicate that online dating should be an add-on only because high-quality candidates are usually not on dating sites and dating apps. That means your main approach should be community-based methods offline. That’s why Internet dating shouldn’t be your main focus, and you’d better focus on other strategies that have been mentioned in this article from now on.

6: Do Not Talk About Your Negative Dating Experiences / Bad Relationships in the Past

You must manage the perception of you as either being successful in dating and relationships or a failure in this regard. Only you can build that perception of you!

Every time you tell someone that you had terrible dating experiences or how bad a previous relationship was, you create a failure image for yourself.

Our Elite matchmakers say, stop doing that immediately. Please note that elite singles like winners; they don’t like losers. You will be perceived as a winner in dating and relationships if you don’t talk about your problems in this respect.

If you like these ideas, please feel free to read more articles on this blog and learn more strategies regarding dating and relationships. Good luck and all the best!

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