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The Biggest Dating Mistakes to Avoid

Being single can be tough, but Elite Connections International is here to help. You might have tried a few dating services that didn’t really work out for you, but Elite Connections utilizes the expertise of professional matchmakers to help you find that partner you’re looking for. We even offer dating advice to make sure that you can get the most out of your dating experiences. Here are a few common dating mistakes that people make and how to avoid them.

Drilling with Questions

We know that you have loads of questions for your potential love interest, but you must remember to relax and enjoy their company. Drilling them with endless questions to find out if they match up to your ideal partner can be quite the turn-off. Instead, let the conversation flow naturally and weave in your questions when they feel relevant. Focus on having a good time and creating a new memory with a new person

Too Many Deal Breakers

Many people have their laundry list of deal breakers, but you should narrow it down to the few things that you absolutely cannot deal with. No one is perfect and they won’t live up to your standards if you’re overly specific about what you want. Find out what really matters to you and be flexible about minor details. One of the benefits of using a matchmaker is that they can help you with this process. Matchmaking can get those deal breakers out of the way so that you can focus on making a connection with the person rather than seeing if they meet your criteria.

Monopolizing the Conversation

When a person drones on and on about themselves, it’s a sign of narcissism, and they probably won’t care too much about you or your opinion. In the same way, spending too much time talking about yourself and your experiences can be a drag for the other person. You might come across as self-absorbed and lose interest. Conversations should be all about giving and taking so that you can learn about each other without being overbearing.

Giving in to Distractions

Your cell phone should be silenced and your eyes should be focused on the person. Listen to what they have to say and show interest so that they don’t have to wonder if they’re making a connection with you or not. Our dating services and excellent matchmakers might’ve gotten you the date, but it’s your duty to put your best foot forward and remain attentive to earn another.

Here at Elite Connections, we take our matchmaking seriously and we hope to to provide the best dating advice possible to help you avoid some common dating mistakes. Always remain open and honest with our matchmakers and we’ll be happy to help you find love here at Elite Connections International. Your match is out there waiting! Let us help you find them

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