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Our Executive Matchmakers Ask Are Unrealistic Standards Holding You Back From Love?

As long-time executive matchmakers of an elite dating agency in Southern California, we are no longer strangers to the familiar phrase “I’m the full package, I have no baggage, I’m just really picky and I’m not willing to settle!” Our executive matchmakers work with professional and successful singles and understand the need to find the “perfect” person. In reality, no one is perfect, and we focus on the qualities that are the most important to you and find someone that fits into your lifestyle seamlessly.

A person might have perfect looks or be perfect online, but their personality or qualities do not align with yours. No one will fit your “perfect checklist”, everyone has flaws and imperfections. A successful relationship can develop once you can find someone who can complements your flaws, and you can complement theirs. Allowing this to happen will bring out the best in each other, therefore creating a perfect relationship.

Everyone has their own list of high standards and non-negotiables that they expect from their potential partner. We understand that standards are crucial and want to help you match with someone who meets all your qualifications. Attraction is an important factor however, having a compatible personality and lifestyle is a major key to finding a significant other. We ask the important questions including thoughts about children, religious values, educational background, and shared hobbies and interests. Find out what really matters to you and be flexible about minor details.

For most people who have been married, had a family, and ended up divorced, life is far more complicated than in their carefree single days of yesteryear. For starters, juggling work, taking care of a family, and having a personal life can feel like a three-ring circus act. Finding the time to date–let alone develop a relationship–can prove challenging and downright impossible for some. Another stress of dating could be because you are a successful, professional single. Being successful is attractive because of the hard work and dedication that someone puts into their career. Sometimes a person’s success could attract the wrong potential mate, or they simply don’t have time in their hectic schedule.

Elite Connections takes some of the stress away by finding singles who can be a great fit and sets up the first date! Our matchmakers at Elite Connections review every client we work with. So, our clients are meeting quality singles. We understand that some people do not have spare time to date or have specific reasons why they can’t. For example, if you have children, we might set you up on a date with someone that also has a family. They will be much more accepting of your children and open to spending time with them rather than someone who’s in party mode and not in the right place to be responsible for a family. Elite Matchmakers can get those deal breakers out of the way so that you can focus on the connection and potential of each match.

Because getting out there again requires conscious effort, not to mention a good chunk of time and energy, many men and women throw in the towel on ever meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right. They let themselves off the hook by saying “I’m really picky and would rather be alone than settle for less.” They spend too much time surfing through endless profiles online and then complain about everyone they meet not looking like their photo. With the help of camera angles, filters, and photoshop, no one looks exactly like their photos. Even most movie stars can be unrecognizable when seen in real life.

People on social media post what they want to be seen and that might not always include their flaws and insecurities, making their profiles and themselves seem perfect. Elite Connections create profiles for all the singles that we meet with face to face. This allows us to create a profile that mirrors each individual person and focus on important qualities that are significant to that person or potential matches.

Take Denise for example. She is a successful realtor who was married in her 20s and again in her 30s and has been single for the last 20 years. She puts in 80-hour work weeks, works weekends, has her own business and has properties to keep afloat. Her biggest concern is, not meeting men but, meeting ones she is physically attracted to and not “too old.” Yet she is 54, and the beau she just broke up with is at least 7 years her junior, tall, nice-looking, but…flat broke! Our executive matchmaker explains, “Because all Denise cared about were the shallower qualities of an individual, she lost track of the realistic qualities that make a relationship work – not good looks – but personality, drive, and the ability to keep up with both her and his lifestyle!” You also must make finding love a priority. No one has time for a relationship if they are dedicated to working 80 hours a week. If Denise is serious about finding a partner, she needs to devote time to dating and that might mean she has to cut back on hours at work and take some time off to enjoy life. Too many professional, successful singles in large cities commit their whole lives to their career and don’t make time for a relationship.

Next time you hear someone say those familiar words about not wanting to settle, don’t hesitate to give them good advice and a friendly reminder that love is about more than the perfect image. Give them guidance on how to recognize who and what a compatible partner for them looks and feels like. We understand that attractiveness and good looks are an important role in a relationship, however, looks will not last forever. Tell them to give a nice person a chance or a second date. We’ve had so many successful marriages because we advise our clients to trust our matchmaking process and keep an open mind.

Want us to do the job for you?  Join Elite Connections dating agency in Southern California or our other locations, and we will rid the frustration of dating. Savvy singles are seeking help from executive matchmakers, like us, who can help them navigate the treacherous waters of singledom. We want to help clients meet the one who keeps evading them because they are venturing without a map. Our services can help eliminate the confusions about where to start and who to seek out. We want to take the pressure off dating and make it an enjoyable process that you don’t dread anymore.

We meet, screen, check IDs and do background checks for every person that joins our process. Signing up with our elite CA matchmaking service can help you to have peace of mind of knowing that you’ll be meeting quality people who have been screened properly. Since Elite Connections has 28 years of successful matchmaking means we have perfected the correct techniques to find successful, professional people to hopefully be your match.

For more information about Elite Connections’ elite CA matchmaking agency call 1-800-923-4200 or email us at to arrange a no-obligation consultation with an elite executive matchmaker today.